Training programs

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Annual Programs

At Global Agent Tennis Academy you can now combine tennis with studies and live with other athletes with similar goals in a family environment.


Weekly Programs

Choose your week, choose your goals and our team will help you achieve them. Train and hang out with players from all over the world and make new friends.


Academic Programs

To complement your sports programs, you can access both online and in-person studies with our partners in several British and American schools.


College Tennis

In addition to the ability to manage your scholarship in the United States, we will provide the opportunity to study and continue training in Spain.


Online Training

If you want to improve, you will have no limits. With the help of new technologies, we can connect with you anywhere on the planet to train.

Programs Annual Programs

Private classes

Do you want a tête-à-tête with the coach to improve some technical details? We will organize private classes adapting them to your goals.

Certified by Global Agent

Courses for coaches

Theoretical classes

To have the most up-to-date material with which you work with the players, we will offer you to share the day-to-day with the academy coaches.

Practical classes

Living day to day with the players, knowing their needs and concerns will be part of the practices proposed to the attendees of the courses.


To obtain the certificate of the academy, the student of the course must take a theoretical and practical exam in which the course material will be evaluated.


Physical Conditioning

Customize your physical development with the best professionals in the area under the tutelage of our coach: Alessandro Vigo.

Mental Training

For both individual follow-up and group classes, our collaborators in the mental area will provide you with the best service.

Sports Medicine

To carry out the study and medical follow-up of our students, we work with the sports unit of the La Moraleja Hospital.


Our students have the care and monitoring of physiotherapists with a long experience of dealing with elite athletes.

Sport Nutrition

We offer the service of a sports nutritionist to work with personalized programs and follow-up for the players who need it.

Rackets Stringing

String or modify your rackets, in addition to requesting the best materials on the market under the tutelage of a professional in the area.


Frequently asked questions and answers

After contacting the Academy, you will be invited to a level test (in the case of foreign players, a video recording). Your objectives will be evaluated and we will propose a development program.

Only one: desire to improve. We train on the objectives of each player, in order for them to compete and enjoy the competition. That is why we can say that we work with competition, be it at an amateur, university or professional level.

We adapt the training programs for each student. Depending on your objectives and availability, we will create a personalized program to achieve the objectives set.

We have the possibilities to create programs from the basic to the most elaborate. For this reason, each program is evaluated in a personal way. Are you a beginner player? We will create a gradual program to improve the level. You are a professional? We can assign you personal trainers in each area as well as traveling team.

For both annual players and weekly stays, we have the possibility of organizing accommodation together with other students from the Academy. That includes feeding supervised by a nutritionist and transportation to training.

We do not have the group concept. Each player has his personal goals and we train as a team. Both the players and the coaches follow the guidelines previously set. Each player trains with himself to improve and with the methodology as his guide.

Each student has the possibility of hiring the coach service for trips or sharing the trip with other players when joining a traveling group for a tournament.

If you are in high school, we can organize distance studies in local centers. In case you are a high school or ESO student, we have agreements with schools in the United States and Great Britain to study online with the constant monitoring of native speakers.

From 3 years old and then at any age. Playing tennis helps development at all levels and at all ages. It is healthy both physically and mentally. But, like anything else, you have to do it to your measure and better if you do it with a good guide.

We collaborate with different physical therapy centers and medical units, as well as having the right professionals to prevent injuries in special cases (personal trainer, nutritionist, podiatrist, etc.).