Through the fusion of different traditions (Soviet, American, Spanish…) in conjunction with a detailed study of different areas, physical, mental and emotional that influence the adaptation of the player to the sport of tennis, our methodology originates.

A tennis player is built from the global treatment of the following facets: Mental, Physical, Technical, Tactical and Strategic. Placing player performance in the right zone at the right moment is the key to progress. Our Method influences and applies changes to the points of fixed universal pillars but at no time forces a rejection of the personality of a player. On the contrary, animates and supports each identity stroke within the player. In this way, we obtain a tennis player with a firm axis and a defined personality.

Workshop of Champions

For Global Agent, the meaning of being a “Champion” is the achievement of the proposed goals. Having all the necessary tools to achieve any objective related to the tennis world, we coordinate your enthusiasm and possibilities to help you to get the best of yourself through rigorous work. Molding and developing a person, athlete and professional requires organization and long-term vision, for which we revalue the influence of any other activity until reaching that objective.

Failure is an ignored opportunity

Are you in the top 100 in the world? Congratulations! Let’s keep working. You didn’t make it? There are USA universities interested in giving you a scholarship of up to $ 50,000 per year. You have not succeeded and you are not interested in studying? Even so, you have a wide national and international job bank. If with all this you still do not want to take any opportunity, at least your heart will thank you, keep doing sports! “Mens sana in corpore sana”.

The binomial of success and work

The success-work pairing, together with the trust placed in the team, are the two essential parts of this journey. The initial impulse to create the illusion in the child is the RECOGNITION and love deposited on the part of the parents, which for the child is a form of SUCCESS. This in turn will transform into a future work attitude. At this point the evolutionary relationship between Success & Work originates, from which fundamental factors arise such as: planning, calendars, etc.

It is very important to distribute and measure, for each player in a personalized way, the relationship between their work and their achievements. There are multiple aspects related to each of them, among which the maintenance of illusion is the most notable.

Behind the foreground of discipline and sacrifice, our philosophy is based on vision and positive thinking. We know that without having that positive link with your dream it will be difficult for you to achieve it and we help you on all fronts (psychological, physical, technical, tactical, strategic…) so that you decisively believe in yourself.


At Global Agent, we are aware that tennis, like any other sport, has a purpose – to COMPETE and learn from the competition. To achieve this the day to day and the details are indispensable factors. We cover the preparation towards victory from multiple angles, creating a net of objectives dispersed throughout the training program. That prepares us for any type of challenge and unforeseen situation that can appear along the path.


Setting objectives throughout different time periods and in diverse aspects is fundamental to improvement. Our vision always includes a net of expandable possibilities. Every goal reached provides us a wider variety of reachable goals. Using this as a starting base our planning is constructed in all aspects, technical, physical, mental, calendar, etc.


The calendar created by us is governed by the necessities and possibilities of each player. By trying to bring out the maximum multi-angular benefit we focus on maximizing the earnings of effort invested. As the player, as well as the team and the family, we must synchronize and define the training and objectives guidelines culminating with a calendar that supports the player in his/her personal-sport achievement.