Weekly Program

Train any week of the year

Any time is good to look for an improvement. That’s why we never close the doors. We have special programs to meet your needs as a tennis player, marking short and medium term objectives.

Train in a High Competition environment and participate in local, national and international tournaments. Work with other players from different countries of the world and make new friends. Compete under the supervision of a coach and analyze your matches.  Get better every day and live with other tennis players with the same targets in an atmosphere of values and effort. All this and more during your stay any week of the year.

Monday to Friday
7:00 – Wake up
7:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – 1,5h Physical Training
10:30 – Energy point
10:30 – 2,5h Tennis
13:15 – Swimming pool (Summer)
14:00 – Lunch / Rest
17:00 – 1,5h Tennis
18:30 – 1h Physical Training
20:00 – Shower
21:00 – Dinner
22:30 – To bed

7:00 – Wake up
7:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – 1,5h Physical Training
10:30 – Energy point
10:30 – 2,5h Tennis
13:00 – Shower
13:30 – Lunch
Other activities (not included)


The Academy puts at your disposal the residence with all the comforts for elite athletes. Rooms of 1, 2 and 3 people, study area, common rest areas, audiovisual and swimming pool.


If you want to stay at a hotel in the city of Madrid, the Academy can manage everything related to your reservation. For the transport service you should consult with the Administration.


Share the day to day living with the families of our students. Get involved and get to know the players up close. Create new friendships and live the experience of a stay with all its fullness.

The Academy will pick you up at the airport or at the main stations. You must communicate your flight information (airline, arrival time and flight number) at least 2 days in advance. Transportation included in the program.

Pick-up / return points

Airport: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez

Train station: Atocha / Chamartin

Bus station: Mendez Alvaro / Nuevos Ministerios / Avenida America

Attendance and transportation to matches will be supervised by Academy coaches. For registration in the tournaments, please communicate in advance.

You can see the calendar of the local tournaments in the following link:


Resident Program

1 week

22,5h tennis
14h physical training
Tennis evening 2h
Theory workshop
Video analysis
Assistance for local tournaments
Club user
Enrollment fee
Technical report of the program
Swimming pool

Non Resident / Morning

1 week

15h tennis
9h physical training
Theory workshop
Video analysis
Club user
Enrollment fee

Non Resident / Evening

1 week

10h tennis
6,5h physical training
Theory workshop
Video analysis
Club user
Enrollment fee

Accompanying person

1 week


Private Lessons

Personal fitness

Mental Game



Medical tests

Language classes

Racquet stringing

Madrid is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Spain and home to an amazing selection of places of interest, activities and events. It also has more sunny days than any other capital in Western Europe.

More information

Tennis & running shoes
Strings & grips
Notebook, pen & pencil
Swimming suit & flip flops
Sun screen
Hat or visor

At Global Agent Tennis Academy, through the multiple insurance packages which can be hired by students, we offer assistance for any type of injury. The team of specialists and physiotherapists will be responsible of making a personalized and effective healing and rehabilitation program. If students desire a temporary absence due to an injury the corresponding amount of the program contracted cannot be refunded.

Availability confirmation will be formalized after:

The registration form provided by the Administration office is filled in (please ask for the registration form at: [email protected]) and signed by the student’s parents or legal guardian, if under 18.
The payment of a deposit equivalent to 30% of total fee (both for the player and their companion).
The reservation fee will be discounted from the total quota to pay.

The registration process will be finalized once the two requirements above are completed. For a stay of more than one week, a full payment of the chosen program will be expected on the day of arrival at the Academy.

Payments can be made to our Global Agent Tennis Academy bank account (bank details will be  sent with the Application Form) or in person at the Academy.

The formalization of the registration process includes the acceptance of the terms and conditions posted on the Academy website: www.globalagenttennis.com / section: “Rules”.

Once the reservation payment has been completed, the student has 5 business days to cancel their reservation. After this time period the reservation cannot be refunded.

Once the program has started, the cancellation and refund criteria are as follows:

The first week of a program is in no case refunded.
The amount of a week already in progress will not be refunded.
In case of cancellation due to major causes, the Academy will calculate the refund of 75% of the program time period paid and not used.

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