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Get the most out of your tennis, just like your studies. Train with the best players and study in the best schools in the area. You can live with other athletes with similar objectives in a family environment or in the families of other students of the Academy. Train a double shift and travel to tournaments. You have the option of being under a personalized follow-up of a Sports Doctor, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist and more.

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In the main program mode, although the work is in a group, each player has his own personal development project. Students are constantly evaluated to update their technical, physical, tactical objectives, etc. Together with the technical team, a tournament calendar adapted to the specific needs of each player is generated. Through an online platform there is a theoretical follow-up, post-matches, statistics, video analysis and more.

Schedule adapted to the School

We train from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. The schedule of the training is adapted to the school schedule. The possibilities are several: double shift, afternoon shift, up to 6 days a week, in groups or 100% customized.

Double Shift

The Dual Shift Program includes a total of 28/36 hours of training per week from Monday to Saturday (28 or 36 depending on the academic possibility chosen). The content is distributed between court, physical training, theory, etc. depending on the needs of a player. Services and schedules may vary slightly depending on school hours, whether the player is a resident or not, and transportation routes.

Afternoon shift

The afternoon shift includes 18 hours of training a week from Monday to Saturday. The schedules are adjusted to different academic possibilities with 3 options of starting hour for training. To look for the best performance of the player we take into account both their hours of rest, and their food routines.

100% Exclusive Program

In this program all services are personalized for 1 player. From the schedules, to the content of the training, reports, doctor, etc. There is an exclusive team that is responsible for programming and monitoring. A personal travel calendar is set up and accompaniment personnel are assigned. This program seeks to maximize every aspect of development both in quality and time.

Local Tournaments

In Madrid we have the opportunity to compete throughout the year. There are multiple high-level tournaments that we use as a training springboard to prepare the major tournaments and trips.

National & International Competitions (Traveling)

After passing a certain level of game, players have multiple circuits of different categories in the Spanish territory: Rafa Nadal Tour, TTK Warriors, Marca Jovenes Promesas, IBP Tennis Series, etc.

We also travel to the TennisEurope, ITF, ATP, WTA tournaments.

There are multiple services available to complete the Academic-Sports program. Create a more personalized follow-up at a professional level and with 1 to 1 work with the coach, medical follow-up and more.

1 to 1 with the coach

Working 1 to 1 with the coach can vary between spare individual classes to a 100% customized job. This modality can be hired both on the court and for physical training.

Medical Tests

For all the Medical Tests for High Performance players we collaborate with the Sanitas de Moraleja Hospital, with the Sports Unit.

Mental Training

We have professionals in the mental area who help our players for different personal and professional needs.

Sport Nutrition

In case of need we can manage the follow-up of a sports nutritionist.


We collaborate with the team that deals with professional athletes of different sports.

Included services

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Assistance to local matches
  • Tennis (from group work to 100% personalized follow-up)
  • Tracking in Virtual Classroom available for students
  • Fitness (group or customized)
  • Video Analysis
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Enrollment
  • Club user

Services included depending on the program contracted.

Optional services

  • Mental Training
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Medical Follow-up (Tests, etc.)
  • Physiotherapy (massage, rehabilitations, preventions)
  • Racquet stringing


With Broker Directo, our insurance broker, we can accommodate any request from students in the matter.

Transport for residents

The Academy provides transportation to the club and back to the residence for the two training sessions. The Academy will also organize transportation to and from school.

In addition our van will pick you up at the airport or at the main stations at your arrival and departure. You must communicate your flight information (airline, arrival time and flight number) at least 2 days in advance. Transportation included in the program.

Pick-up / return points

Airport: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez

Train station: Atocha / Chamartín

Bus station: Méndez Álvaro / Nuevos Ministerios / Avenida América

Transport for non-residents

After viewing the school schedules and routes, the Academy will study the possibility of complementing those transport routes that the school can not manage. The service will take into account the routes from the club to the school and return both in the program of Double and in the Afternoon Shifts.

Weekly Training

Double shift

  • 17/22 hours tennis
  • 9/14 hours physical training
  • Online Theory Workshop
  • Video analysis

Afternoon shift

  • 9,5 hours tennis
  • 7,5 hours physical training
  • Online Theory Workshop
  • Video analysis

Tennis & Study Schedule

Schedule for the Highlands School Bilingual School

  • 6:30 – wake up
  • 6:45 – breakfast
  • 8:00/10:00 – training
  • 10:30 – school
  • Lunch (school)
  • 16:30 – finish school
  • 16:30 – snack
  • 17:30/20:30 – training
  • 21:30 – dinner
  • 22:30 – sleep

PRO Schedule

  • 7:00 – wake up
  • 7:15 – breakfast
  • 9:00/12:30 – training
  • 13:30 – lunch
  • Rest
  • 16:30/20:00 – training
  • 21:00 – dinner
  • 22:30 – sleep

Schedule type from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we train in the morning. The weekend is intended for competition or organized activities.


To make you feel at home, we have created a family atmosphere where you will reside under the tutelage of Academy staff for 24 hours every day of the week. Although the sports discipline and self-management will be part of your training, you will find the support of each one of us in both sports and personal aspects.

You will have everything you need to develop your sporting and academic work in the best possible way and you will have your personal space learning at the same time to live with your classmates. You will meet and make friends with players from around the world and share with them the experiences on and off the court.

Share the day to day living with the families of our students. Get involved and get to know the players up close. Create new friendships and live the experience of a stay with all its fullness.


Highlands School Los Fresnos

Highlands School Los Fresnos (Boadilla de Monte, Madrid), is a bilingual school. The school adapts to the sport with its flexible schedules and gives us the opportunity to coordinate the academic part with the double shift of daily training.

School hours

Classes begin every day at 10:30 and end at 16:30.

Dinning room

The school has a supervised dining room with its own nutritionist.


The Academy offers transport for the students from morning training to school and back. Classes begin at 10:30.

The return, from the school to the Academy, would be after finishing the classes at 16:30.


Aquinas American School

In Aquinas American School (Monte Alina, Pozuelo) the classes are programed in the morning hours. Students leave school early at noon, around 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. This leaves the students all afternoon free for their rest, training and more. For the tournament trips the school offers and online tutoring and follow up.

Soon we will close the agreement with 2 schools in the USA to create the online system of studies in the Academy. We developed this program together with the Scholarship program for the USA universities and also with the addition of UTR. With them we want to close the circle and give an option to a player to complete their studies and their sports training with the same program.

This option is totally personalized. Following the British system, tutors come to the house or academy to teach the student or group of students. It is preferable to create groups of a minimum of 2 students. In this format, training and trips are coordinated depending on the needs of the players and to guarantee their greater academic and sports performance.


The modalities of coordinating studies with sports are multiple. From face-to-face or online schools to double-shift or afternoon training and residents or non-residents. Therefore, to create the personalized program for each student we must study each separate request. Below we propose some of the type programs that can be adjusted to the players. For more information, please contact the Administration: [email protected]

Afternoon Shift

Non Resident
Consult us 1 year


  • 12h tennis/week
  • 9h physical prep./week
  • Online Theory Workshop
  • Video analysis
  • Academy Registration Fee
  • Club User

Double Shift

Non Resident
Consult us 1 year


  • 22h tennis/week
  • 14h physical prep./week
  • Online Theory Workshop
  • Video analysis
  • Assistance for local matches
  • Academy Registration Fee
  • Club User

Sports Pack

Consult us 1 year


  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport
  • 22h tennis/week
  • 14h physical prep./week
  • Online Theory Workshop
  • Video analysis
  • Assistance for local matches
  • Academy Registration Fee
  • Club User
  • € 1000 discount in USA Scholarship Management for each year of the program

Complete Tennis & Studies Pack

Consult us 1 year


  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport
  • 22h tennis/week
  • 14h physical prep./week
  • Online Theory Workshop
  • Video analysis
  • Assistance for local matches
  • Academy Registration Fee
  • Club User
  • American School Online
  • School Registration Fee
  • € 1000 discount in USA Scholarship Management for each year of the program

More information

Sport material

  • Tennis racquets
  • Tennis bag
  • Tennis shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Sportswear
  • Strings and overgrips
  •  Sunscreen
  • Cap or visor

Academic material

  • Pens, pencils, etc.
  • Notebooks, folios …
  • Calculator
  • PC or tablet
  • The books or other school materials provided by the chosen school will be requested after completing the reservation.

Personal material

  • Dressing case
  • Swimsuit
  • Bath sandals
  • Street clothes
  • And other articles for personal use

In Global Agent Tennis Academy, through multiple insurance possibilities that students can hire, we have the possibility of offering assistance for any type of injury. The team of doctors and physiotherapists will be in charge of carrying out a personalized and effective rehabilitation.

Once the availability of places has been confirmed, it will be formalized after:

  1. The receipt of the registration form that the Administration of the Academy will provide to those interested, (Request it by email: [email protected]) signed by the student’s parents or by their legal guardian if they are under 18 years of age.
  2. Payment of the reservation. (The reservation paid will be deducted from the total fee).
  3. The registration and reservation of the chosen academic option will be managed directly with the school.

The registration will only be carried out complying with the two previous premises. Full payment of the program will be made on the day of arrival at the Academy (payment can be monthly, quarterly or annually). Payments can be made to the Global Agent Tennis Academy bank account (the data will be sent with the requested form), or at the facilities of the Academy.

The formalization of the registration includes the acceptance of the conditions of the Academy described in the web: in the section of “Regulation”.

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