Rules & Regulations

Global Agent Rules

This regulation is made to grant the sport of Tennis its deserved place in the education of young people, to indicate their codes of conduct and their work ethic. Simply put, to help students and their environment create a healthy and fruitful environment on and off the court.

General Aspects of the Regulation

Regarding parents, after contact and acceptance of our work system: 
Parents or tutors have the right to:

  1. That the Academy applies the GA-Method without exception.
  2. To be informed about the progress of learning and integration of their children.
  3. To be heard in those decisions that affect the academic, sports and professional orientation of your children.
  4. To be received by the Academy management team at the established times by appointment.

Parents or tutors have the obligation to:

  1. Seek adequate collaboration between the family and the Academy, in order to achieve greater effectiveness in the training task. For that purpose:
    1. They will attend the interviews and meetings to which they are summoned by the technical team or direction of the Academy to deal with matters related to the formation of their children.
    2. They will adopt the necessary measures so that their children fulfill the commitment acquired from training and regularly attend class.
    3. They will encourage their children to carry out the various activities entrusted to them and will foster the circumstances that, outside the Academy, may make the training activity of the school more effective.
    4. They will ensure, encourage and demand the effort and academic and sports work of their children.
    5. They will inform the management of those aspects of the personality and circumstances of their children that are relevant for their training and integration in the Academy environment.
    6. They will support the decisions of the Management of the Center within the framework of the respective competences.
  2. Comply with the obligations arising from the contractual relationship with the Academy.
  3. To be participants in the transmission of respect for the facilities and methodology of the Academy.
  4. Respect at each personal and professional level each member of the Academy.
  5. Take responsibility for the attendance and punctuality of their children. (For any event, notify the address).
  6. Given our exceptional commitment to work, regardless of the holiday calendar, notify well in advance about the unavailability of a family event.
  7. Everything related to the methodology and the training system is individual and determined by the technical team. Information regarding this is available in the player’s reports.

Regarding players, students of the Global Agent Tennis Academy:
Basic rules of coexistence
Students have the right to:

  1. Train and train in a cordial and stimulating environment, designed to maximize your learning.
  2. Fair treatment in all matters, according to the basis of Sports Ethics.
  3. Receive training and education relevant to the program for which you are enrolled.​

Students have an obligation to:

  1. Respect all the members of the Academy and other people who interact with the Center in carrying out activities and services.
  2. Attend punctually both the training and all the events scheduled by the Academy.
  3. Avoid the use of expressions, gestures and vocabulary that may be offensive.
  4. Maintain the most elementary norms of humanity in the forms and attitudes that arise within the development of the center’s life, respecting the privacy of others and the educational principles of the Global Agent Tennis Academy.
  5. The student must be responsible for their own things and respect those of others.
  6. Make responsible use of the facilities, furniture and material of the Academy.
  7. Keep all the facilities of the Academy clean. Maintain order in the arrangement and use of the work material used on the slopes and other facilities.
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