Why Global Agent Tennis Academy

​Design your Dream

We are a Professional Sports Team emerged from high performance tennis. We are dedicated to the daily training of tennis players, as well as to the study and development of new influences in this sport, which today gives rise to “GA-Method”. We continually work to improve every aspect of an athlete’s evolution. With the new advances in medicine and technology we continue to re-raise the method.


By merging various schools (Russian, American, Spanish …) in conjunction with a thorough study of different areas, both physical and mental, that influence the player’s adaptation to the sport of tennis, the GA-Method originates.

A tennis player is built from the global treatment of the following facets: Mental, Physical, Technical, Tactical and Strategic. Locating the player’s performance in the right area at the right time is the key to progress. Our Method influences and applies changes in those points of fixed foundations but at no time force rejection of the personal. The opposite: encourages and supports each stroke of its own character within the player. That way we get a tennis player with a firm and defined identity axis.

Champions Workshop

For Global Agent, the meaning of being a “Champion” is the realization of the proposed goals. Having all the necessary tools to achieve any objective related to the tennis world, we coordinate your enthusiasm and possibilities to, through a rigorous work, help you achieve maximum achievement. Molding and developing a person, athlete and professional requires long-term organization and vision, for which we revalue the influence of any other activity until reaching that goal.

Failure is an ignored opportunity

Are you in the first 100 of the world? Congratulations! Lets keep working. You didn’t get there? There are American universities interested in giving you a scholarship of up to $ 50,000 annually. Haven’t you got it and aren’t you interested in studying? Even so, you have a large national and international employment opportunities. If with all this you still do not want to take any opportunity, at least your heart will thank you, keep doing sports! “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

​A path of Success-Work

The success-work binomial together with the confidence placed in the team are the two essential parts in this way. The initial impulse to create the illusion in the child is the RECOGNITION and love deposited on the part of the parents, which for the child is a form of SUCCESS. This in turn will transform into a future work attitude. At this point the evolutionary relationship between Success & Work originates, from which fundamental factors arise such as: schedules, calendars, etc.

It is very important to distribute and dose, for each player in a personalized way, the relationship between their work and their achievements. There are multiple aspects related to each of them, among which the maintenance of the illusion is the most notable.

Behind the forefront of discipline and sacrifice, our philosophy is based on vision and positive thinking. We know that without having that positive link with your dream it will be difficult for you to achieve it and we will help you on all fronts (psychological, physical, technical, tactical, strategic …) so that you decidedly trust it.

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